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Secondary School, Transition to Outsourced IT


Secondary School, Transition to Outsourced IT

Our new client, a secondary school based in Norfolk, arrived at the realisation they needed a comprehensive IT strategy with consulting rather than their existing in-house break/fix model, which was no longer working as they would have hoped.

The Situation

Our client realised they needed a new perspective on IT management and support. The size of the school had grown, and therefore the network was becoming more complex with that growth. In addition, the school was running up against legacy cost controls and an increasingly reactive approach to technology services.

IT management was solely focused on resolving immediate computer, server, and network issues that had already caused downtime and interrupted productivity. The school realised it was time for a new approach—a pre-emptive process. One that would prevent common issues, provide better IT security, reduce network downtime, and allow them to focus on what they do best; teaching and learning.

The Solution

Osiris IT conducted a complete systems audit and consulted key stakeholders to identify the school’s requirements. We reviewed the strategic needs of the school and the immediate risks or vulnerabilities that were regularly occurring. However, the current process was reactive, using workarounds and temporary fixes. In addition, it was common practice to hire inexperienced entry-level IT staff, and to make matters worse the existing IT technician had recently left.

For example, when the staff and students needed a remote working solution to access files in the office, network security was compromised by opening up firewall ports to allow unrestricted access from any location. This satisfied the end-user needs but opened the organisation up to significant risk from cybersecurity threats and hackers who are always seeking out unprotected networks for ransomware attacks and data theft.

Osiris IT’s thorough analysis pinpointed the instability of the onsite servers as the biggest factor leading to frequent outages that impacted teaching and learning. As a result, Osiris IT devised a plan that would lead to increased stability of the network and reduce costs long-term. We replaced the onsite servers with refurbished models to keeps costs low and undertook operational maintenance of the servers, workstations and network.

The Benefits

The school realised that investing in IT as a long-term strategic business resource would offer much greater value in operational productivity, enabling them to serve their pupils and enhance teaching and learning.


We helped the client increase productivity by moving beyond traditional Managed IT Services.

After these changes, the IT department was no longer viewed as a cost centre that causes downtime for the school. Instead, IT was now contributing to the school and helping them achieve their objectives.

Offering true ownership and responsibility through a much greater breadth and depth of IT management, client IT support goes far beyond traditional Managed Service Provider (MSP) capabilities. As a result, Osiris enables clients to truly succeed and grow instead of being hampered by legacy cost controls and a reactive mindset.


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Date June 2021
Client A Secondary School, Norfolk