January 2021

Osiris Technologies announces the Plug the Gap Appeal

Throughout 2020, and moving into 2021, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has had a massive toll across society and has highlighted the growing numbers of inequalities in young people across Norfolk.

Osiris Technologies provides support through its services to many organisations within the community. Whenever we can, we like to give back as much as we can.

Working with charities and educational organisations who support vulnerable young people we are more aware than ever of the massive need for access to computer equipment.

Although the government provisions are easing this slightly, they are not enough. There are many young people across the county who do not qualify for this support at all. They fall outside of the support and we want to “Plug the gap”

Using our many years of experience in procuring and supporting computer equipment for both schools and charities, we decided to partner with Candour on the launch of the Plug the Gap Appea

These youth organisations need your donations so that we can purchase the equipment and roll them out quickly to the young people forgotten by the government schemes within the most affected areas across Norfolk.

It is estimated that there are over 6,000 children in Norfolk without a device to participate in remote learning, however, our partners are aware of a significant number that are falling through the gaps in government provisions because of extreme circumstances.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we know that young people without access to good technology have been disproportionately affected, stopping them from remote learning and socialising. Supporting young people is at the heart of the Osiris ethos and we hope this scheme will be able to make a real difference to young people’s education and wellbeing. We have teamed up with Norfolk Community Foundation and Candour to try and get as bigger reach as possible and every contribution will help provide this urgently needed IT access.”
- Oliver Holmes, Operations Manager

Purchasing new equipment means we can quickly get the devices into young people’s hands, those who would normally have to accept hand-me-downs. This also means that the devices will have the longest possible service life.

Coming together with Candour, Osiris Technologies are partnering with Norfolk Community Foundation and a group of prominent local charities with an aim to ensure swift delivery of devices to the young people across Norfolk.

To donate visit the campaign page on the Norfolk Community Foundation website.

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