Arturs Voroniks

IT Engineer

I work at Osiris as an IT Engineer.


Arturs Voroniks

I work as an IT Engineer within a School for Osiris. My day to day is supporting the school with any IT issues that the staff my have on a day to day basis.

My experience and values:

I've worked in IT support for around a year and a half. the first year of which was spent working for the East Surrey Hospital for the NHS. I've always enjoyed IT as I've done it during the School and College days and I'm always striving to learn more

Life outside Osiris IT:

A big passion of mine is riding motorbikes as well as working on them and if i had the chance I would probably own 10 at a time. I'm also into playing video games such as 4x strategy ones while also enjoying a good mix of FPS and RTS games. I have a wonderful daughter that always keeps me on my toes and makes sure that I've always have something to do and to not be Lazy.

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Arturs Voroniks

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