Director of Happiness



I am responsible for internal happiness and general staff morale. I do this through pets, licks on the face and waggling my tail. I also like to keep an eye on staff productivity by snoozing on employees’ desks while they work. I encourage staff to take regular breaks from computer screens, by nudging my tennis balls at their feet until they play with me. I also greet all visitors with lots of loud ‘HELLO’s.

My experience and values:

I am a certified ‘Perfect puppy’ after completing an intensive 6 week puppy training course. I am a master in ‘puppy dog eyes’ and am good at spreading joy wherever I go. I am an excellent catcher (of tennis balls) and practice regularly. I value (highly) in order: Sausages, tennis balls and warm things including radiators, laps, and blankets.

Life outside Osiris IT:

I enjoy sleeping in front of the fire in the evenings, finding any sun spots available (even if they are uncomfortable), and playing fetch with my tennis ball machine. I will only go for a walk if it is warm, sunny, and dry. Otherwise I will drag my feet the whole way round.

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