Thomas Randle

IT Engineer

IT Engineer on the Service Desk at Osiris, providing technical support and ensuring smooth IT operations for our clients


Thomas Randle

I have worked various IT based roles in a variety of companies and positions for around 5 years, ranging from QA work to Service desk. Even with the odd development contract thrown in for good measure. I believe in helping those around me to understand IT and I am always willing to learn something new or teach someone something.

My experience and values:

I have been dealing with IT from a very young age as my father is a software engineer who encouraged me to learn early on. I followed this up later in life by studying computer science at College and then University specifically interested in Software Engineering.

Life outside Osiris IT:

Outside Osiris I can usually be found riding my motorbike or spending time doing random development projects (currently working on a GTA 5 server for fun) or maybe just playing some random PC games for a laugh.

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Thomas Randle

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