You clicked on a simulated phishing test.

What next?

Nothing to worry about, your details are safe, we designed the test to be difficult so no need to worry if you are here.

We have run the test with permission from your organisation to test if there are any knowledge gaps so that we can plug these.

Please have a read through the items below and always feel free to reach out to us if you are unsure if an email is genuine.

Tip #1

Stop, Look, Think.

Did anything look out of the ordinary? Did you recognize the senders address? Was it similar but not the same as an official email?

- The display name of the email account is spelt wrong
- The email account is the wrong format
- There is no last name on the email account
- The document name should be highlighted blue and a link to the document
- The link in the bottom for privacy statement goes to an incorrect link

Login page:
- The webpage shows as insecure in the top left of the URL bar
- You can’t click forgot password
- You can’t click the back arrow on the email address field
- You can’t click remember my sign in details
- The email address is in a different font
- The URL for the landing page is the pre 2018 office 365 landing page so should look unfamiliar compared to genuine link
- Text says “Enter password” rather than “Enter your password” - The picture resolution is not great compared to the real page

Tip #2

Ask for help!

It's always better to ask for help, you can always call Osiris IT who will take a look at the email for you on 01603 964914, alternatively forward the email to

Tip #3

When in doubt, throw it out

If you ever think that an email is suspicious it is better to err on the side of caution.

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