IT Consultancy

A working partnership to support your organisation with all of its IT needs, ensuring you can do what you do best, without constantly having to worry about IT.
  • Software advice
  • Hardware advice
  • Project management
At Osiris IT, we take the approach of spending the time to understand your organisation and goals. Understanding your aims and objectives allows us to build an IT infrastructure that works for you and is cost-effective.

All our staff are positively encouraged to look at ways to improve and enhance our clients’ systems as well as our service. In addition, we have our Solutions team.

Solutions Team

The Solutions Team has a simple remit. To act on behalf of our clients to ensure they have the best possible technology to engage and execute their business plans. To ensure that their data is safe and that they are kept appraised of any new technologies or threats.

They are your dedicated consultancy team. They are constantly working in the background on your systems. They are also on the end of the phone, email or face to face whenever you may want to talk over an issue your organisation is facing.

Key Features:

Included as standard

Consultancy from the Solutions Team is included as part of your managed services agreement with Osiris IT.

Vast experience

Consultants with experience that ranges across multiple platforms, and organisations.


Our Solutions Team are dedicated to working for your organisation and ensuring you can meet your goals.

Available standalone

Our consultancy packages are also available standalone to those who are not one of our existing clients.

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