Lochlann Thompson

Apprentice IT Engineer

Apprentice at Osiris, learning from colleagues and assisting with helpdesk support.


Lochlann Thompson

I am currently an apprentice at Osiris and learning from my fellow colleagues on how everything works and learning as much as possible. I currently on the 1st line helpdesk team at our main office, where i can respond to calls and emails and resolve clients problems. I always try to help people understand the technology they are using as well so they can have a better understanding on how their hardware or software works.

My experience and values:

I have been working in IT since August 2023 on an apprenticeship, working on the 1st line help desk. I love being able to help others with their IT troubles no matter how big or small. I also love learning new things in the IT industry and applying them to my everyday routine.

Life outside Osiris IT:

When im not at work ill either be on my computer trying to discover and learn new things all technology related, competeing in street/hip hop dance competitions around the country or ill be taking my girlfriends dog (bella) for walks.

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Lochlann Thompson

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