Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions at Osiris IT.

What is managed IT services?

.A managed IT service means your IT provider takes over the management and responsibility of your IT requirements. From strategic planning, installation and monitoring, to being on the other end of the phone ready to help with any issues you may encounter. We see the Osiris managed service as a partnership between you and us to give you the best possible IT solutions.

What can your help desk assist with?

That's the beauty of a managed services provider, we provide all your technology services under one roof, meaning if you need support you can get it on the same number, whether it be for your computer, phone, emails, website or even security system! Normally if it has a power button, we'll help you with it, or at least point you in the right direction!

How quickly can I expect a response?

Generally your request will be given a priority level between one and four, one being the most major of issues. We can tailor our SLA (service level agreement) and response times to meet the needs of your organisation, but as a general rule our response times are as follows:

High Priority (P1): Server or complete system failure which has severe financial, operational and/or reputational impact. Our response time will be within the hour and on site within 4 hours 24/7 if necessary.

Standard Priority (P2): A user is able to carry on working, but requires a fix to continue with their duties effectively. Our response time will be 4 hours with a fix within 3 days, unless otherwise agreed with the end user.

Low Priority (P3): Information only requests which will be responded to in 8 hours and answered within 3 days unless otherwise agreed with the end user.

Can you purchase software and hardware products for me?

Of course! In fact, because we deal with the IT procurement for most of our clients, our buying power is increased meaning we can get the best deals for you and your organisation!

How do we get hold of you when we have an issue?

Our clients can get hold of us really easily. By telephone on 01603 964914 or via email on Check out our quick service desk contact guide here!

What if I have a problem after business hours, on a bank holiday or over a weekend?

We always have an on-call engineer chomping at the bit, ready to take your message and help with a business-critical issue when needed.

What if we already have technical internal support staff?

Absolutely no worries! We can work with them and tailor our service to provide as much or as little support as desired.

Do you offer reporting?

We can work with you to offer tailored custom reporting to provide you with the information and statistics you need, at a desired frequency too.

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