October 2021

PRINCE2 Success for Two Team Members

Osiris IT is committed to providing continuous development for all staff to serve our clients in the best possible way.

We would like to congratulate Robbie Emerson, our Solutions Manager, and Jayden Blair, our Solutions Architect. Robbie and Jayden passed their PRINCE2 qualifications this week with excellent results. They are now not only PRINCE2 Foundation certified, where everyone begins, but both are also certified PRINCE2 Practitioners.

These certifications and learning go a long way to continuously improve how we run projects for our clients and increase the subject knowledge in the area within the Solutions team.

“PRINCE2 is a fantastic framework for bringing structure to projects. We use this to provide clear plans to our clients.” - Robbie Emerson, Solutions Manager
So, what is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2. PRINCE2 is an international cross-industry standard framework that provides an excellent structure for successfully managing projects across their lifecycle. It is based on having more of a process-based system to ensure the project keeps moving.

What are the benefits of using PRINCE2 to manage projects?

Using PRINCE2 to manage projects, you can have a common and consistent approach, and it gives you a controlled start, middle and end of the project. PRINCE2 also ensures regular reviews take place on progress against the plan and provide assurance that there is an ongoing business justification.

PRINCE2 has helped both us and our clients’ organisations ensure value for money in any project we undertake.

“Project Delivery is a key part of our service offering to help our customers benefit from new solutions and technology changes. Using PRINCE2 helps us to deliver these according to industry best-practice, involving all the relevant stakeholders and focusing on outcomes.” - Oliver Holmes, Operations Manager

To learn more about PRINCE2 in a friendly, easy-to-read format, check out this blog post from Monday.com.

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