Chrissie Nebbett

Administrative Apprentice

In my role I help with most of the administration of Osiris.


Chrissie Nebbett

I am a level three Business administration Apprentice within Osiris, supporting Katie, our Office Manager in her role.

My experience and values:

I have been employed predominantly in retail, but have enjoyed an otherwise varied working life with a good share of physical graft. I was excited to spend some years as an Art Department Assistant in film and television too and most remember the teamwork and camaraderie necessary to bring any project to completion. Osiris has offered me the opportunity to develop a new skillset in a versatile role and to engage in a team, dedicated to moving forward and finding solutions.

Life outside Osiris IT:

When not collapsed on the sofa snacking, reading and binge watching film and tv, I have always enjoyed volunteering within the community or being involved in community sporting groups. It's good to be part of a team that is evolving and acheiving some aim and adding value to society.

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