February 2024

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week with Osiris IT's very own.

We asked some of our people what apprenticeships have meant to them.

We asked some our people what the apprenticeships have meant to them:

Katie, Osiris' Office Manager completed a Level 3 Human resources apprenticeship in March 2021.

"I was aware of Osiris as I had previously been in a company that was a client of them and I had some personal ties to the company. I admired the way they cared about their staff and created such a supportive environment that really encourage personal growth. I had worked in a variety of different jobs before joining Osiris and when I joined, I saw a gap within the business. I wanted to help grow Osiris and provide the much needed HR support to the business and it’s employees. I wanted to learn the basic principles of HR but with the context of working in a business and being able to apply my learnings and see the difference I can make. I really liked the community you can gain with other apprentices to share your experiences with. Since completing my apprenticeship, I now feel confident that I provide strong HR guide for everyone in Osiris. I have also now been able to focus on improving my accountancy/bookkeeping skills which means I am a very well-rounded Office Manager and can assist in all the required queries I receive in my role. I am now studying accounting outside of an apprenticeship."

Oliver, Osiris' Director of Operations is studying towards a Level 7 Senior Leader apprenticeship that he began in 2023:

"It’s coming up to a decade since I first started working at Osiris and a big part of our ethos is the concept of continuous learning. I am a big believer in this so I wanted to make sure I was pulling my weight! This higher-level apprenticeships helping me support my colleagues and the wider business with the more strategic aspects of Osiris. If you spend any amount of time at Osiris you will find a group of people who spend a lot of time learning new skills and technologies to best support our customers. Apprentices in particular tend to thrive here and the idea I could continue my CPD in this format after 10 years in industry was appealing to me. I wanted to challenge myself to gain a level 7 qualification in an area I am passionate about whilst gaining the skillset I needed to be the best I can be at my role. One thing I like about apprenticeships is the opportunity to meet and network with others. It is giving me the confidence, resilience and network on which I hope to help support the growth of Osiris and the development of my colleagues."

Sam, Osiris' Business Development Manager joined the company over 3 years ago, on a Level 3 IT apprenticeship:

"I have always enjoyed talking tech so I decided to set my sights on a role that allowed me to use my existing skills from other roles I had , but in the IT space. I initially saw myself as an outlier for the apprenticeship scheme as I was joining from a relatively experienced field, albeit in a different area. However, it was an opportunity for me to switch industries and I have never looked back and surprisingly I found several others who had done the same. Osiris has a fantastic company culture and our ethos is something I feel strongly about. We support a lot of charities and schools and this is no coincidence, we do it because we want to help them deliver their mission in the best possible manner. The apprenticeship is what allowed me to transition from one industry to another. It taught me the basics of what I needed to know to fulfil my role and allowed me to accelerate my learning speed compared to just 'learning on the job'. It's a flexible learning opportunity, with classroom based and real world learning , it allows you to learn the theory and apply it in practise within a short time frame. Next for my progression will be attending some locally delivered Networking / CPD courses to find Norfolk's hidden secrets and gems."

Dan, One of Osiris' IT Engineers started with the company in 2021 with a Level 3 Information Communication Technician apprenticeship. By 2023, he had achieved a distinction and progressed to a Level 6 BSc (Hons) in Digital and Technology Solutions:

“I've been passionate about IT from a young age, with aspirations of building a successful career in this dynamic field. My motivation stemmed from a keen interest in IT and a desire to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The apprenticeship offered a pathway to develop hands-on skills while working alongside professionals, which was ideal for me. Osiris's reputation for fostering apprentice growth and its diverse range of clients across various sectors were crucial attractions. This environment promised exposure to different IT systems and setups, offering a broad perspective and versatile experience in the industry. This apprenticeship lays a solid foundation for my career, equipping me with essential qualifications and industry experience. The skills and knowledge gained will be crucial for advancing in IT, enabling me to contribute significantly to Osiris and the broader IT field. Apprenticeships offer a practical learning experience that matches my preferred style, blending theoretical knowledge with real-world application and providing a unique opportunity to grow professionally within the IT sector. I'm currently focused on completing my Level 6 qualification by 2027. In tandem, I aim to explore and transition into new roles within Osiris that align with the advanced skills and knowledge I'm acquiring. Achieving a distinction in my Level 3 apprenticeship reinforced my decision to pursue a Level 6qualification, aiming to deepen my expertise and open up advanced career opportunities.”

Chrissie, Osiris' Administration Officer, began a Business Administration apprenticeship in 2023:

"I came to Osiris on a work experience placement as a way to gain administration skills so I could advance myself more easily in wider areas of employment and gain confidence. I was diagnosed with combined-type ADHD in 2019 as a mature adult. This made sense of the challenges I had faced in mainstream education and in gaining qualifications, previously. The knowledge and awareness of how ADHD traits can impact and interfere with navigating society, allowed me to begin tailoring my approach to life with this neuro-diversity in mind. Osiris supports diversity and encourages us to explore our natural strengths and gain new skills. The support and acceptance I have received from all my colleagues at Osiris, has enabled me to relax and enjoy the excitement and reward of being part of a close team. I enjoy learning in a way that ties directly in with the work that I do within my job role. As my apprenticeship is online, it gives me the flexibility to structure my study around work and life. Business administration covers so many areas, that I have been able to explore and learn in various directions at once, and am gaining insight into how I can best contribute to Osiris. Mentoring is very prominent within my apprenticeship and Osiris company culture and I am encouraged to give as much knowledge and support as I receive."

Luke, An Osiris  IT Engineer, began his apprenticeship on first line help desk in 2023:

"I always had an interest in IT and wanted to learn new skills in this field to expand my knowledge with technology. I like the idea of how Osiris is a small team and the opportunity that came up is local to where I lived, making it a good choice. I really like that I have the chance to learn new skills and meet people with the same interests. At the end of my apprenticeship, I hope to have gained the right skills to be able to move on to getting higher qualifications and progressing my career. The biggest thing that led me to choose the apprenticeship route was the flexibility it has allowed me to work on the job and attend college for one day a week to complete my higher education. University was not for me due to having dyslexia and Osiris has really supported me. I would like to be a mentor to future apprentices on the same course that I am completing and to share my passion towards IT with them."

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