Osiris joins the Herd as a proud sponsors of GoGoSafari

Osiris has joined the herd, we have a gorilla! Its going to be an adventure!

Osiris has joined the herd, we have a gorilla!


We have been a part of Break for so many years now I can’t honestly remember when we first started looking after them. We were certainly a much smaller organisation. Our partnership with them is very special to me and not just professionally. I have learned so much about the people they look after and the work they do. It led to me being a mentor, something that has been incredibly rewarding and insightful and I hope will continue for many years to come.

We have been involved with firewalks, quiz evenings, golf day etc. and I’ve completed the London Marathon, if you know me you will know what an achievement that was!


Remember GoGoGorillas. I do,we sponsored Optimus Primate. It was a big investment for us then, one I have never regretted. It was fun, raised our profile and provided funds to directly support young people in our community.


Anyway, I couldn’t resist another go, I approached Peter at the launch of GoGoSafari and said I wanted in there and then.


So, keep an eye out and we will keep you posted, everyone here at Osiris is excited to meet our GoGoSafari Gorilla and is keen to explore the trail in 2025.


Its going to be an adventure!

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