December 2023

Hybrid Working Support

How we’re helping clients hybrid work adoption


As our clients work out their strategies for a hybrid future of work, Osiris IT have been embedded in every step of their process. As technology specialists, we are primed to offer our services and transform our clients infrastructure to provide secure access and collaboration from anywhere our clients specify, at any time.


In the hybrid-work environment, employees and devices can be anywhere, moving in and out of company networks. And complexity mounts when managing security across an expanded attack surface of users, devices, applications, and data.


In numbers, over the previous 12 months we have:

  • Migrated 3.4tb of data to secure cloud environments
  • Deployed 300 new laptops for remote working
  • Guided 10 organisations through Cyber Essentials accreditation


Whether we're focusing on privacy, collaboration, or application deployment, at Osiris we put security at the forefront of every discussion, design, and strategy. This means our clients benefit from having security built-in — not bolted on — to every solution we design. This typically includes multi-factor authentication, data labelling, user training, and encryption.


We recognise the virtual experience needs to be as good or better than in-person. Employee productivity depends on their interaction with applications and their ability to communicate with their end users. That's why we deliver training both in person and on-demand to ensure smooth landings as employees transition to hybrid.

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